Early Signs of Dementia: How Much Memory Loss is ‘Normal’?

Some forgetfulness is normal… then there’s mild cognitive impairment. You’ve driven home from the mall along the same route for five years. But lately, you’ve been stopping at the same intersection, struggling to remember whether to turn left or right. Many occasions in everyday life can make us question whether memory lapses are normal, a […]

How To Talk To Someone Who Has Dementia

A frequent challenge faced by loved ones is how do you talk to someone who has Dementia. Communication is often strained or non-existent as we struggle to connect with someone we barely know anymore. These are all questions that enter our minds when we try to talk to someone with Dementia. But, unfortunately, instead of […]

Warning Signs of Substance Abuse and Addiction in Older Adults

Many people assume that young people are the primary source of problem drug and alcohol use, however, there are a large number of senior citizens and older people who abuse substances regularly, some even to the point of forming an addiction. There are many reasons why an older person may turn to drugs and alcohol; […]

Foot care Tips for Improved Health

Ageing takes a toll on the feet. Over time, feet flatten and become wider. The fatty padding naturally wears down, exposing the bones and joints of the feet to wear and tear. An injury as simple as a bad blister can impair mobility, balance, and overall function in older adults. Use these essential senior foot […]

The Importance of Staying Hydrated

The definition of dehydration is that you lose more fluid than you take in. Many of us believe dehydration is prevented by our body’s natural sense of thirst to remind us to pour ourselves a glass of water. But, the fact is, as we get older, our sense of thirst will diminish significantly. Hydration is vital […]

Do people with Alzheimer’s know they have it?

Many people have raised the question, “do people with Alzheimer’s know they have it?” You might be surprised to learn that some people are not aware that they have Alzheimer’s.  People with Alzheimer’s, dementia, a brain tumour, stroke, and other types of damage in the brain are cognitively impaired and might not believe anything is wrong with […]

How Does Love Affect Our Physical Health?

We all know that love can give us a physical reaction – a quickened heart rate, butterflies in our stomachs, dilated pupils, sweaty palms, and a hard time finding words. Love affects our physical health on many different levels.  Love Promotes Emotional and Mental Wellbeing Many studies have shown that a healthy and supportive relationship […]

Supporting Anti-ageism

Ageism arises when age is used to categorize and divide people in ways that lead to harm, disadvantage, and injustice. It can take many forms including prejudicial attitudes, discriminatory acts, and institutional policies and practices that perpetuate stereotypical beliefs. Ageism affects how we think, feel and act towards others and ourselves based on age. It […]

The Importance of Celebrating Birthdays

When we get older, birthdays seem to hold increasingly less significance. We tend to focus on the significant milestones that occur in our youth, with the size of our birthday celebrations decreasing with each passing year. However, celebrating birthdays can be beneficial for people across all stages of life, and in many ways, they become […]